dinsdag 25 juni 2013

The Trade Challenge

We're Justin, Koen & Bastiaan, three Dutch university students who, for their summer breaks, decided to challenge each other. We're starting with a paperclip and trading it with people to reach some sort of significant object, and we decided to turn it into a competition. The one with the most valuable object wins. So what are we doing that's never been done before? Nothing, really. We're just looking to have some fun. And we'll update everyone through this blog every time we make a trade.

We do want to incorporate readers into our game! Predict the winner and the amount the final object is worth by tweeting. If you tweet #Bastiaan, #Justin or #Koen and the amount in euros you think it'll be, you're automatically participating. Do make sure to include @50daytrade, so we can see it, a link to tradechallenge.blogspot.com and #50daytrade. The winner gets a nice prize, we'll communicate soon what this will be.

We'll be taking 50 days, so the deadline is August 14, 2013. We end at 23:59 GMT+1. 

The game is on. 

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