vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Koen: Choices

I've had an interesting last 24 hours. After receiving the Wolfgang smartphone, I instantly went looking for the next trade. My post on marktplaats.nl and speurders.nl received a lot of attention, with a lot of offers being made for the phone. The first one was made by a man named Chris who called me to say thad he had a lot of old used childrens toys, which he wanted to swap for the Wolfgang. I politely declined, hoping to receive better offers. By the end of the evening, I had some serious offers on the table. I asked helped on our facebook page, where the poll stated I should take the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet. Another option was a slightly old homemade Desktop Dualcore computer.

I still wasn't 100% convinced about all offers, and decided to wait till the next morning to see if any other offers would be made. When climbing in to bed, my phone buzzed and I had received an email from Paul. He offered me a bass guitar from his massive collection. I mailed back that I would like an amplifier with it, and he agreed! The trade was made, a Wolfgang Smartphone for an Axtech bass guitar, a Yamaha 3000B amplifier, a connection cord and a travel bag for the guitar. I'm extremely happy I waited for this offer, as it easily doubles the worth of the smartphone! A step forward has again been taken!

If you are interested in trading the Bass guitar and amplifier set, please contact me over facebook or email (koenwaasdorp@gmail.com).

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