donderdag 27 juni 2013

The trading adventure begins!

After some well deserved sleeping (apparently that's what I was doing) it's time for my first blog post! In the past few days I have made some intriguing trades and to be honest, I have been fiddling around with them for quite a bit, because the cool part about trading is all the exploring all the objects that make your way.

The first trade with Henny resulted in the obtainment of this fine book on nature in Europe.

Heaving looked at most of the pictures, I decided it was time to trade further and managed to trade with Hendrick and get my hands on this second hand acoustic guitar!

Awesome to be able to play some guitar, sadly I cant so I was off to trade it again! This time Maarten, an old friend of mine, was able to help me out as he preferred playing with an instrument to playing with this handheld gaming console with 13 games!

I have to admit, these games are addictive! Anyone out there wanting to trade? Let me know!

Justin out

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