dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Koen: And so it begins

6:30 AM, my alarm goes. To get a headstart on Bastiaan and Justin, I wanted to start early and prepared. Well, mostly for Bastiaan because Justin is not really a morning person. And just to show that I was prepared, I did have a paperclip ready to start the challenge with. The first trade was one to get me going, not a real big leap yet. The lovely Yara traded me a blue bath duck called Smurf. 
The blue duck stayed with me till after lunch, when after a lot of persuasion I managed to trade Smurf for a Breaker Cobra Binocular 750 from Nico. I felt that this was the first step to 'significance' and hoped that this would give me the lead over Bastiaan and Justin. Well.. Justin was probably still sleeping. At the end of the day I made my best trade. I managed to swap the Cobra 750 for a Senseo Coffee Pad machine from Yemisi and Matthias. I'm happy with the start I made, and will continue this good run of form tomorrow!

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